Monday 23 December 2013

Fabric Fast 2014 goals

I've decided I need to have a 'fabric intervention' with myself.  I have to STOP hoarding and START sewing with what I already have!  Therefore, I am going to join in with Fabriholics Anonymous!


Hello my name is Amy and I am a Fabriholic!  The 12-step Fabric Fast program is outlined over at Making Rebecca Lynn so go check it out (or Jess's link at the top of this post)!!  Here is a picture of my stash:

- To use the stash I already have (to make quilts and other things)
- Aim to finish UFOs and PHDs BEFORE starting something new
- Stop buying the latest and greatest fabric and save money!!  
- Only buy what I need in order to complete specific projects/commissions
- De-stash the fabrics that I realise I am never going to use
- Make a list of all projects that have been started and work through them!

1) No fabric purchases for 6 months beginning January 1, 2014 [exceptions listed below]  
2) At the 6-month mark [July 1, 2014], re-evaluate status and decide whether to keep going for full year
3) Create a UFO/PHD list and really try hard to complete them
4) Exceptions and allowances:
~ I can buy solids to assist in completing a project
~ I can buy wadding and fusible fleece
~ I can buy yardage to make a quilt back/bag linings
~ I can use my remaining fabric gift certificates to buy fabric
~ I can still receive my stash club fabrics (currently in two stash clubs) which I have already paid for
~ I can still receive the magazine subscription I have already paid for
~ I can purchase necessary notions (thread, zippers, needles etc.) as and when needed
~ I can participate in swaps and bees

I think that covers it!!  Fairly reasonable right?!!  I have wanted to 'control' my fabric hoarding for a while now but haven't had the willpower.  Hopefully by joining in with other people doing the same thing will keep me focused!  The money I save can go towards the something I hope to reward myself with that I am saving for!

Happy hoarding stash busting!!


cloth scissors thread said...

What a brilliant resolution and beautiful fabrics! Marry Christmas!!!

Sarah said...

Quite a commitment but you have nice clear goals and plenty of fabric stashed to keep you going! Happy intervening!

littlelixie said...

One thing I've learnt is not to think of fabric as "saving it for something special ". Every project is special!

Charlotte said...

good luck! I should probably join you :-/

barb said...

love your commitment. if i could afford it, i would be with you in the fabricaholics i receive less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability. i have quilted for over forty years and hand piece and hand quilt and donate them all. if you have any tops, scraps, ufos that you can part with i would be honored to finish them and donate them. i think you are doing a wonderful thing. you could always have a giveaway with fabric you dont want. merry christmas barbara

Di said...

I will be keeping my beady eye on you.....!
Di x

Staci said...

I signed up, too!
Yes, We Can Do IT!

mammafairy said...

Oh, Good luck with that one...

Farm Quilter said...

I am going to have to go no-buy on fabric, books and magazines! Your stash is probably 1/20th of mine and I have been quilting for only 6 years! Time to STOP the madness and use what I have, period! I also have 6-8 rolls of batting - should not need to buy more for the foreseeable future!!

Lisa said...

You are brave! I considered this fast for about...five minutes, before deciding that it would be setting myself up for failure :)

Trudi said...

Oh man! That feels harsh! I should focus more on my stash too, good luck!

memmens said...

Well done, I'm just forcing myself to write my blog post about it, it was rudely interrupted by the post man delivering a parcel from FQS!!

charlotte said...

I am going to join, but will not until tomorrow, as my Sunday post is my Sunday Stash. The more accountability, the better, right Amy? We can do this!