Saturday 11 May 2013

Giveaway Day winner announced!

Thank you everyone for your fantastic comments about what you do with your scraps!  I will eventually get through my pile of scraps so thank you for more inspiration!  A scrap vomit quilt (aka Postage Stamp quilt) is already on my to-do list!!  I also want to give you all a HUGE thank you for entering my Giveaway Day giveaway! 

Don't forget to enter my other giveaway HERE too and see my 'It's for the Birds' blog hop project.  That giveaway ends on 16th May and is of course open internationally.  I am celebrating my birthday month so join me in the fun!

So, who won who won??  Congratulations to Joanne who said:

joanne has left a new comment on your post "Giveaway Day - May 6th":

Great giveaway!  I save my small scraps for paper piecing , 
medium scraps get chopped into 2.5" squares for a future (God knowns 
when!!) Scrap Vomit and larger bits get stuffed in a drawer 
to be used in random projects!

Joanne I hope you enjoy the fabrics - happy sewing!!  I will email you soon for your snail mail address!


Rebecca said...

scrap vomits lol.
i hate those things ;P
congrazts to winner and thanks for fun giveaway :D
glad i found your blog through sewmamasew's humungo giveawy :D

Joanne said...

Arrggghh! I have just got in from a very long, taxing day at work and was just scrolling through my Blogger dashboard and saw my name!!
Thank you, I'm so so pleased and amazed to have won!

Tammy said...

Thank you for hosting the giveaway and giving us all a chance to enter in. And congratultaions to the winner.