Thursday 4 April 2013

Super Swaps sign-ups

You may have already gathered that I participate in some a lot of the on-line swaps.  I LOVE swaps!  Not only do you receive something handmade, homemade, made with love (and sometimes humour) created especially for you, swaps are a great way to:
  • meet other like-minded people (the only time stalking is alright!)
  • gain inspiration for other future projects by seeing what other people sew/make
  • learn a new skill or try a new sewing technique
  • buy fabrics not necessarily your 'normal' style (and end up loving them!)
  • and I will say it again - someone sends you something too!!!
Ok, corny moment is over.  I have an announcement!  Do you want to join in a swap? 

Super Swaps sign ups are happening over on Flickr until the 12th of April.  We will be making a pincushion or a small animal/bird.  I've been daydreaming all day about what I will make!  Bird, cathedral window pincushion, mouse pincushion, mini elephant, Zakka pincushion, hippo....  Oh the choices are endless!!  There are so many free tutorials out there to choose from, let alone what patters I have in some of the books I have on the shelf so I will see who I am sewing for and then decide!  Plus, someone will make me something too - yay! 

Here are a few of pincushions/animals/birds that I have made in the past (and why I am so excited about this particular swap because I love making little cuties!):


Hope to see you in the swap!

P.S.  This swap is not a secret swap and I think the mailing deadline will be May 31st  so you have lots of time to whip something up.  


gilly said...

Oh your little mouse pincushion is SO sweet! Have fun & happy swapping,

cheryl.mccann said...

ooo i'd like to try this one too - i went to the flickr site and joined the group, but i'm not sure how to join the swap. can you help?

Turid said...

I love your little birdie! I'll think about this swap the weekend. I don't know if we will make many pincushions or just one.

Di said...

You are definitely a super swapper! I will give it some thought....Di x

linda said...

just signed up love swaps this looks great no stressing :)) hope .thanks for the link