Tuesday 1 January 2013

4th Quarter Finish-A-long Recap

FAL button 1The fourth quarter of 2012 is over.  I joined in with the Quilter in the Gap's 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarter Finish A Long parties in 2012 and I was perhaps a bit over ambitious at each one though I always finished something.  They do say it is better to "aim for the moon and if you fall short you will land amongst the stars"... or something along those lines anyways!! 

I listed nine - yes 9 - things on my 4th quarter list.  How many did I get done?  THREE, with two more VERY VERY close to being finished.  In fact, if I stopped blogging about what I didn't get done I would have had more things done!  Hahaha - I love a catch 22!! 
Ok - so did I complete?  I finished a tote bag for Di along with a mini clutch/coin purse for our very own 'Mouthy Stitches' that we named 'Paramouthy Stitches':

I also finished my Vintage Holiday quilt (sorry if you are sick of looking at it - here it is again!!):

And the last thing I achieved off my 4th quarter list was my Pretty Pleats tote - and I love this bag!!!  I didn't have enough of the Flea Market Fancy so I improvised and gave the bag a Kona black bottom section so when it is in reverse, it still looks like a pretty cool bag!

So there you have it - my three finishes in the 4th quarter.  In 2013, Leanne from She Can Quilt will be the host!  I will be linking up again for sure!  Thank you Rhonda/Quilter in the Gap for the motivation to get some projects finished!

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Patty said...

I like the birds on the tote. I think they are my favorite.